Lentils Framework

PHP Javascript Framework Design Database Design Content Management

The Lentils Framework was the heart of most of my web development projects. It is a very flexible, object-based and highly optimized Content Management System written in PHP and Javascript. Back then in 2005 PHP frameworks were next to non-existant and the few out there horribly slow at best. So I was forced to reinvent the wheel for my future endeavours to be able to develop web projects in the quality that I envisioned for my company.

Due to its use in big projects for banks and insurances, it was often audited for security issues and improved accordingly, if necessary.


  • Easily customizable with plugins, modules and an object-based event system
  • Fully featured administration panel built on a plugin design
  • Flexible template language with multiple, inheritable styles
  • Very versatile form system with client- and server-side validation, dependencies and customizable elements
  • Content Management with lots of options: HTML with syntax highlighting, WYSIWYG, Drag&Drop, custom forms, ...
  • Multiple languages supported with front-end phrase editor
  • Integrated staging allows you to work on a development site and publish only certain changes at any (scheduled) time - the production site is therefor never touched
  • Uses GIT for all file changes, even those inside the administration panel.
  • Multiple cache layers, automatic minification of ressources and highly optimized code ensure a very fast user experience
  • System settings, user management, permissions, slider, cache management, file and image editors, ...

Development is now officially discontinued. Future projects are written in Typescript and node.js.