Rebench: A Benchmark Automation Tool

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Rebench is a benchmark automation tool for PC benchmarks. Its main goal is to create a unified, time/cost-efficient and reliable process to compare PC hardware components.

It currently automates over 30 well-known PC benchmarks from CPU and GPU workloads to multiple storage tests as well as state-of-the-art games like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, DOOM or PUBG. Additionally all Futuremark benchmarks are fully integrated. If that's not enough, it is possible to add every benchmark or game with Rebench's flexible JSON configuration system.

The tool enables the possibility to create a benchmark parcours with various meaningful workloads and start hours of testing with a single click of a button. All benchmark results will be stored together with various system data like clock frequencies, temperatures, frame rates and so on. The gathered result data can then be uploaded to a database and formatted as graphs for further analysis.

The Rebench automation is fully integrated into (tech website), (daily newspaper) and to complement hardware reviews with comprehensible visual graph data.

Automating games is a very challenging task. To make that happen I wrote two kernel drivers and built an Arduino based device called "Rebench Box" that simulates mouse and keyboard input during the game benchmark run. The box offloads the input simulation completely so the data that's gathered in runs is not influenced by the automation.